Westminster Conversations: Lights, Camera, Inclusion: Muslims in TV and Film

Date 20 November 2023
Time 5:30 - 8pm
Location 309 Regent Street
Cost Free

Join us for an enlightening evening as we delve into the world of Muslim representation in TV and film, in honour of Islamophobia Awareness Month.

About this event

In a world where diversity and inclusion are essential, it's crucial to examine how Muslims are portrayed in the media. This event will bring together industry experts, celebrated Muslim screenwriters, and a closer look at the iconic British soap opera, EastEnders, to explore the past, present, and future of Muslim representation on the screen.

Panel discussion: "Muslim Voices in Entertainment"

Hear from Muslim screenwriters, directors, and actors who have been at the forefront of reshaping the narrative for Muslims in the industry. Gain insights into the challenges they've faced, the stories they're passionate about, and their contributions to changing stereotypes.

EastEnders and Muslim Representation

A special talk focusing on the impact of EastEnders, a beloved British institution, in portraying Muslim characters and addressing important issues.

Explore memorable storylines and characters that have made a significant impact on the show's viewers.


  • Dr Syada Dastagir
  • Wally Jiagoo 
  • Racha Sobratee