VIA: Travelling Art Exhibition of Artworks by Midhun Gopi

Date 21 November 2023

End Date 25 November 2023

Time 11am - 6pm
Location Harrow Campus
Cost Free

"VIA" is an itinerant art exhibition emphasising artistic exploration, cultural exchange, and encouraging creative engagement.

The project unfolds in four distinct phases, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding of touring exhibitions and their impact on both artists and audiences. 

The artistic journey commenced in July 2023 with an art residency and preview exhibition in Bordeaux, France, and its second phase involved an exhibition at Galerie De Schans in Amsterdam between August and September. The upcoming third phase, scheduled for November, will involve an exhibition and engagement at London Gallery West. The project will conclude in March 2024 with a final exhibition in India at Gallery Dot Walk in New Delhi during its final phase.

Beyond its geographical journey, "VIA" delves into the profound connection between personal memories, historical narratives and fictional landscapes. It invites viewers to explore the concept of "via," a passage through spaces en route to destinations, fostering an odyssey of self-discovery and a fusion of histories.

Private view and opening times

Private view

21 November 2023, 4–6pm

Exhibition opening dates

21–25 November 2023, 11am–6pm


London Gallery West